Modern & Economical Thermal House Insulation

For over 20 years we have been renovating our customer’s houses in Scotland.
This means we are absolutely aware of how expensive and problematic house heating might be. Also, quite challenging is fighting against moisture and mold at home.

To meet our customer’s expectations we decided to provide the new service:
Polystyrene Thermal House Insulation

What are the benefits of thermal insulation?
Savings on bills – your heating bills are reduced
Warm, dry, and comfortable home
Extra insulating layers that additionally protect your home against weather conditions
Even and smooth walls
Easy-to-clean facade – just use a Karcher or different pressure washer and easily wash off the dirt
Saving on paint – you don’t have to paint your house every 2 or 3 years
A selection of over 150 colors from the KLEIB color palette
A one-time investment that pays off after just 7 years!

Sounds good? Let me explain in a couple of words what exactly Thermal Insulation is.

Thermal Insulation is a modern method that lets you in an easy way keep warm in the house and get rid of moisture. We use the highest quality products KLEIB, purchased in the Cekra company in Edinburgh.

6-layer insulation consisting of, among others, thick polystyrene and glue, will keep your home warm 24/7.
The fiberglass insulation mesh additionally strengthens the glue to make the structure even more durable.
Moreover, silicone plaster will make the facade smooth and easy to wash.
Everything is finished with acrylic facade paint which is available in KLEIB’s palette of 150 colors.

Thermal Insulation Includes 6 Coats :
1st Coat : Coat-Polystyrene
2nd Coat : Adhesive Mortar
3rd Coat : Fibreglass mesh
4th Coat : Another Coat Adhesive Mortar
5th Coat : Silicone Render
6th Coat : Silicone Paint – 150 Colours Available

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