Six Large Larch Flower Pots

We have been asked to design something special for our regular client from Edinburgh.

The large terrace on the top floor of the stylish tenement house looked empty and grey. Our customer came up with an idea to grow some plants in large customised Larch Flower Pots along the entire length of the terrace.

No problem! We designed, constructed, delivered and installed all 6 pots on this stunning top-floor terrace!

Whether you need a Joinery job to do a Wooden Shed, Patio, Bower, Swing, Garage, Flower Pots, Fence or Decking – our experienced team will design and build one, especially for your needs.

We offer full service:

** The highest quality wood. You don’t have to worry about the material, transport and execution of the project. We will provide everything!

** Not sure about your project? No problem! We can design & install it for you.

** In the case of larger projects, such as garages or sheds, we offer the help of the construction architect and structural engineer. We want to be sure that your project will be approved!

As usual, our team used the highest quality impregned Scottish wood from our local sawmill.

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